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Pentrefelin Playtime

A new Addition to the stud, Playtime is a super moving colt we feel will have a great future ahead of him.

Results 2010

1 year old

4th Chesire country 2010 yearling colt class

1st spring and youngstock N.W.A Medal show W.C.P.A

1st West Yorkshire W.C.P.A

1st East Midlands  W.C.P.A

4th Cheshire County

1st North N.W.A Summer medal show W.C.P.A

Results 2011

2 year old

1st and Res Champion Youngstock Glanusk

1st 2 & 3 year old colt Severn Valley W.P.C.A

1st and Champion Section A NPS Area 27

Results 2012

3 year old

2nd Lampeter Stallion show 3 year old colt class

1st Glanusk Stallion show 3 year old colt class

2nd 3 year old colt class Severn Valley W.P.C.A

Baledon Hafina

Results 2014

Only time shown

1st  Junior Mare & Res Overall Section A Champion North Western WPCS 

2nd Barren Mare  Minsterley 

1st Barren Mare class SennyBridge

Results 2021
1st Barren Mare Class, Overall Champion Section A and BRONZE medal winner 

Cosford Joy

Results 2019
3rd  Royal Welsh, 1st and Res Young Stock Champion Minsterly

Dyfed Cymbel


Results 2014

2nd Barren Mare class Tudor Rose Lancs

2nd Barren Mare class & Res Overall Champion West Mercia WPCA

1st Mare class Devon County

2nd Mare class lincs All Welsh Medal show

Results 2015

1st Barren Mare class & Section A Champion & Bronze Medal & Sash Winning the Wynswood Trophy, Minsterly show